Ambrus Studio to Build MOBA With NFTs on Immutable X

Sir Coopernicus

Immutable X continues to attract more high profile partnerships than any gaming platform in web3, highlighted by a recent partnership with Ambrus Studio, led by ex Riot Asia CEO.  Immutable X will power Ambrus Studio’s free-to-play mobile MOBA game currently in development, E4C: Final Salvation.

Ambrus Studio was created in December 2021 with a mission to create good games for a good cause as a mission driven studio.  Their focus is on making an impact on climate change, which makes Immutable a great choice as a low carbon impact scaling solution to gaming on ETH. Their latest funding round places Ambrus Studio at a $65 million valuation.

Johnson Yeh, formerly the CEO of Riot Game’s Asia division, led League of Legends to become the most viewed sport in all of China, surpassing even the NBA.

The metaverse for E4C is centered around the real-world prediction that Earth will warm by four degrees celsius, creating a world that is tough for humans to inhabit.  The goal being to drive awareness about Earth's current climate issues while being entertaining and embracing new technology with NFTs in a sustainable manner.