Axie Infinity (AXS) Unveils $500K World Championship Esports Tournament

Sir Coopernicus

The Axie World Championship is back and bigger than ever! Compete for your chance to win a piece of the $500,000 USD prize pool. Here's everything you need to know to register and compete.

Three Key Takeaways:

  1. The tournament begins July 28th, register before then! The competition runs from July 28th to August 21st.
  2. There are $500,000 USD in AXS in total prizes. Half will be rewarded to open qualifiers, and half will be rewarded to on-site competitors at AxieCon in September.
  3. Anyone with 3 Axies can register. The final 16 champions will attend AxieCon in Barcelona to battle it out for a grand prize.

How Axie World Championship Qualifying Works


  • There are two separate competitive regions, East and West, but players can choose which region they compete in, the main difference between regions being the play times.
  • The West tournaments start at 5:00 pm Eastern Time. The East Regions start at 5:00 pm Phillipines Time.

4 Phases:

  • 3 Online Phases with $250k in rewards
  • 1 In person LAN competition at AxieCon in Barcelona this September with $250k in rewards.

AXS Rewards Breakdown

The top 1024 from each region will qualify for phase 2 and beyond.  Once the qualifying rounds are completed, the rewards begin.  

Phase 2 Rewards:

Placing 51-100th: $250

Placing 33rd-50th: $500

Placing 9th-32nd: $750

Placing 4th-8th: $1,000

Placing 2nd-3rd: $1,750

Placing 1st: $2,000

The top 16 from Phase 2 move on to Phase 3 in addition to their rewards.

Phase 3 Rewards ($150k total, $75k per region):

Phase 4 (Finals) Rewards ($250k total):

Source and Image Credit: Sky Mavis/Axie Infinity