Axie Infinity Stages 'Great Reset' NFT Marketplace Update in Anticipation of Runes and Charms

Sir Coopernicus

Axie Infinity (AXS) just released a huge marketplace update called the "Great Reset." This update includes a variety of new features, but the most anticipated is the infrastructure to support NFT runes and charms. They will add a whole new layer to the game, requiring updated contracts across the marketplace. Here are the key aspects of this update.

What are Runes & Charms?

Runes in Axie Infinity Origin are power-ups that bring another customization layer to the way players build their Axie teams to exceed the meta. Each Axie can have one Rune equipped, but Charms level up Axie's abilities, each of their six abilities can have a charm equipped. There are eight kinds of Runes and Charms, each with a distinct enhancement style.

Key takeaways from the marketplace update:

  • Axie deployed a new marketplace contract that supports ERC 1155, which is the standard NFT runes and charms will use in Origin.
  • Because of this updated contract, all Axie listings were removed from the marketplace. Any Axies users still wish to sell need to be re-listed.
  • Axie mentions optimizations for performance and stability as they expect a large increase in players for Origin. Specifically, listing and receiving Axies should be much faster.

NFT Rune & Charm Support Through ERC 1155 Contracts

Runes and Charms are not yet live, this marketplace update is being made in advance of phase 3, when users will be able to craft the in-game NFTs.

ERC 1155 is a standard interface for contracts that manage multiple token types. A single deployed contract may include any combination of fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens or other configurations (e.g. semi-fungible tokens).

Benefits from the marketplace reset besides the updated contract:

This marketplace reset has added benefits. With Axie being live for years, it's built up a ton of listings that are way out of touch with the current market. Players who are no longer actively involved may have hundreds of listings at prices that will never sell, effectively clogging the experience for new users.

• Players that listed their Axies long ago may come back to re-list, and ideally discover Axie's progress and updates around Origin.

• Over time, some users have lost private keys or left the ecosystem forever. Cleansing their listings means more funds go into actual users hands.

• Many listings are old, from a very different market environment. This reset ensures the marketplace is up to date and removes clutter from older periods.

Source: Axie Infinity / Sky Mavis