Axie Infinity (AXS) Origin Alpha Season Concludes With a Bang: Top 3 Highlights

Sir Coopernicus

The Axie Infinity: Origin Alpha Season has come to an end!  This month, Axie's Origin took a major step in proving it can be a leader in competitive card battle gaming.  We'll give you a rundown of Origin and the key takeaways from the season.

Axie Infinity: Origin Overview

Axie Infinity: Origin is the new battle version of Axie Infinity.  Origin brings a brand new experience to Axie.  Origin overhauls nearly every part of the game from interface, game mechanics, storyline, and more.

Origin Alpha Season Has been a huge success

  • Downloads of Origin increased an average of 3,000 per day while daily active users grew 263% from start to finish.
  • AXS rewards from the alpha season will be distributed after the Axie Community Protection team reviews the gameplay for anti-cheat.  
  • From now until season 0, Axie is officially in the off season.  Users can battle and breed but there are no ranking up rewards.

What’s Next for Axie Infinity Origin players?

If you played in Alpha season, be sure to use your Moonshards, Moondusts, and Ancient Moonstons now as they will expire upon the start of Season 0.  

Watch the upcoming Axie World Championship and prepare for next season!

Source and Image Credit: Sky Mavis/Axie Infinity