Axie Infinity Origin Season 0: Phase 3 Updates Include Improved SLP Tokenomics

Sir Coopernicus

Axie Infinity Origin Season 0: Phase 3 has arrived, and with it comes some big changes!

Improved Small Love Potion (SLP) Emissions, NFT Runes & Charms, and more make this a very exciting time for Axie fans. Here we'll summarize the updates and what they mean for players and holders.

To start, and most importantly, NO SLP will be minted for the next 30 days as rewards move to Origin, AND a major burn source has been added via Runes & Charms.

SLP rewards are being moved to Axie Infinity: Origin ranked play and removed completely from Classic. This will allow the Axie Infinity team to better balance the SLP economy. Players still earn SLP in the same way, by competing in ranked play, the higher the rank the more SLP can be earned. But there is a major addition of SLP burn in Origin with the addition of Runes and Charms, which are crafted using SLP.

Runes & Charms require SLP & Moon Shards to craft and can be minted onto Ronin through the Marketplace With no SLP being minted over the next 30 days, plus this burn mechanism with Runes and Charms, we may see a boost in SLP price. If you need more info on Runes & Charms, check out our write up on "The Great Reset" here.

With this new major addition, Axie is also taking some precautions to ensure the economic impact is reasonable:

"Due to precautions around the economy and to verify this at scale, we’ve set the minimum mint time for Season 0 to be 7 days. This means any Ronin Rune/Charm that is deposited/crafted will need to wait 168 hours before it can be minted to the blockchain to have an interaction with the marketplace."

Axie mentions that in this early stage for Origin, there may be significant changes to card balancing and economic adjustments.

Season 0: Leaderboard Rewards Increasing

The Leaderboard in Origin Season Alpha rewarded 49,157 $AXS to the top 10,000 players. This has increased for Season 0 to 60,708 $AXS across the top 20,000 players.

Crafting Adjustments

  • Crafting Runes and Charms has been added to Origin.
  • New crafting recipes
  • Utility items such as moonstones/moon dusts can no longer be crafted.

Disenchanting in Season 0

Disenchanting is used to take Runes & Charms that no longer have utility (they expire seasonally) and get something back for the time and resources used to earn them via SLP and Moon Shards.

Axie wants players who spend time and effort to earn Runes to feel like their effort isn't wasted at the end of the season, while still ensuring there's balance for players who do not disenchant.

Here are the updated disenchantment rates:

Moon Shard and Reward Changes

With Origin Season 0, there are multiple improvements for how Moon Shards and Utility Crafting Items are earned. The goal for these changes is to reward players who are active and progressing through the ranking system while preventing people from wanting to multi-account.

Here are the improvements:

  • Increased Moon Shards from Ranked Arena Wins
  • Rewards (Runes/Charms + Utility Crafting Items) from Increasing Crafting Level
  • Utility crafting items given out sporadically in the First-time Rank Up rewards
  • Decreased Moon Shards from First-time Rank Up rewards, especially in earlier ranks
  • Decreased Moon Shards from Adventure, Star Milestone, and Foraging Box
  • Removed all Moon Shard rewards from account level-up

Source: Axie Infinity / Sky Mavis