Axie Infinity: Origin Season 1 Begins with Over $1.5 Million in Rewards

Sir Coopernicus

Axie: Origin Season 1 has begun! The first season of the popular NFT game has kicked off with over 1.5 million dollars in rewards available to players. In addition, a new mechanic has been introduced that we'll share below.

Key Point to Axie: Origin's Season 1

  • Over 1.5 M USD in AXS rewards— the largest prize pool yet in Axie.
  • Tuning adjustments have been made for disenchanting, crafting, and rank reward/crafting progression based on feedback from Season 0.
  • To determine match starting order, players will now play Rock, Paper, Scissors at the start of each game.
  • Season 0 Runes and Charms are expired.
  • The first batch of tuning will occur in ~2 weeks.

Progression Changes for Origin Season 1

Progressing through crafting levels will now sometimes earn a special Chest instead of a specific charm or rune.  Opening a chest will allow the player to select a charm/rune from a given set and the reward is sealed (not mint-able into an NFT, just usable by the player).

They also made adjustments to the ranking up rewards for mystic rune/charms.

First, while progressing through your crafting levels you’ll sometimes earn a special Chest instead of a specific Rune or Charm like before. When you open the Chest you will be able to choose from a given set of Charms/Runes. The Charm/Rune received will be Sealed (Not mint-able into an NFT).

Second, we’ve adjusted the rank up rewards, primarily to tune Mystic Rune/Charm supply.

Disenchanting Improvements

Currently, disenchanting runes/charms from a past season will net you fewer moon shards than before. On the other hand, if you disenchant items while they are still active DURING their season, you'll be able to get the same amount of moon shards as before.

Crafting Changes

Season 1 will now last 60 days, the longest season yet.  This will impact pacing and progression.  Axie aims to help players unlock and build around epic Runes/charms earlier but delay mystics until later in the season.  This update should make a multi-meta season where the start is focused on epic and later mystic.

Here’s a quick overview of the major changes:

  • Utility Sockets open earlier
  • Advanced Crafting unlocks earlier and increases epic chance, but no longer gives a chance to craft Mystic
  • Mystic Crafting unlocks later in the new “Master” recipe
  • SLP cost of all “Ronin B” recipes has been increased by 25%

Balancing Patch Plans for Season 0

The team has listened to feedback and determined that a balancing patch is likely needed.  They plan to roll out a patch in about two weeks once they have an understanding of new meta changes and can plan the adjustments appropriately.

Don't forget to check out the new roadmap, revealed last week at Axie Con!