Blockchain Brawlers: The New PVP Card Game from the Creator of Magic: The Gathering

Sir Coopernicus

A new overview was released today for Blockchain Brawlers, the upcoming PVP card game from the creator of Magic: The Gathering. Developed on WAX (WAX), Blockchain Brawlers will let players battle each other for control of valuable digital assets. These assets can be used to power up their cards and give them an edge in combat. Here's what we learned from this update.

While this game was designed by the creator of Magic: The Gathering, its gameplay style is more akin to playing poker! Betting, bluffing, folding, and being able to read your opponent to understand their strategy are all key points to the gameplay.

Starting a Match Game

Players will get dealt three (3) cards each. Both players have 20 health points, and a power meter that starts at one (1).

Winning a Hand

If neither player folds, then the winner of the hand is the player who’s two (2) cards combine for a higher point value than their opponent's two cards.

More details on "playing" your cards and "Flexing"

You've received three cards to start. To "play" a card, you select it to be shown face up. The second card is played face down. The face up card shows certain info to your opponent. If your face down card is a lower value than the face up card, this is called "Flexing".

Flexing is your primary bluffing opportunity. If your opponent folds during a regular hand, you deal damage equal to your power meter. If you're "Flexed", you add one point to your power meter when dealing damage.

Power Meter = 3 and “Flexing” hand won + 1 = 4 points of total damage dealt. BUT If you Flex on your opponent and they call you, matching your bet, then you lose even if their point totel is less than yours.

Betting Happens in 3 Waves

Players have three (3) bet amounts to make. This will drive the following three decisions:

  1. Bet or fold your hand.
  2. Players can bet 1, 2 or 3.
  3. If the amounts the players bet are not exactly the same, the lower bet has to decide to match the amount (call) or not (fold the hand).

Once bets are matched or folded, the Showdown takes place.

Winning the Showdown

Both player's hands are revealed. The player with the higher total deals damage to their opponent and does not receive any damage themselves. The damage is calculated based on the bet amount, 1, 2, or 3 multiplied by the winners power meter.

Example: The bet was two, power meter was four, then the loser would receive eight points of damage. Given the health pool is only 20, that's a lot.

Folding Is A Power Move

When a player folds, they receive one extra card per round for the rest of the game. This is capped at 6 cards per round. This makes folding a very strategic decision early on, as you'll be gaining more cards per hand for the remainder of the game.

Brawler NFTs

Player's "Brawler" NFTs are their visual representation in the Ring. They perform taunts and finishing moves. The winner's brawler performs a serious move to take out their opponent at the end of the match.