Castle Crush NFT Chests Are Openable in Under 10 Days, Here’s What You Should Know

Sir Coopernicus

Castle Crush is a mobile game produced by Wildlife Studios, a top ten worldwide mobile game studio.  Castle Crush has been live since 2016 with over 1.4 million monthly active users and Wildlife Studios recently made the move to begin integrating NFTs and tokens into the game.

The NFT cards will be the new highest level card available in-game, and users can acquire them by both purchasing outright or earning through gameplay progression.

Castle Crush recently sold out of two types of chests that contain these NFT cards: Founder and Ascended.

“Founders Chests” contain high powered cards with special benefits like participation in governance and early access to future NFT card releases.

The 5 available cards from Founders Chests, all with the same drop rate:

  • Dragon
  • Storm Elemental
  • Skull Queen
  • Phoenix
  • Black Witch
  • Necromancer

“Ascended Chests” come with the chance to win a variety of cards that will boost your deck’s power, from common to legendary.  

Tier Probability:

  • Common 55.2%
  • Rare 27.6%
  • Epic 13.8%
  • Legendary 3.3%

Using NFT cards in your deck doesn’t just make users more powerful, but also enable them to earn the in-game Castle Crush token, Ascension Crystals ($ACS), by winning matches each day.  This both incentivizes players to be engaged and competitive.

Castle Crush players will be able to link their in game player ID with their web3 wallet of choice on July 18th to begin using their new top level cards in game.

Source and Image Credit: Wildlife Studios