Coca Cola (COKE) Launches Surprise NFT Collection On Polygon (MATIC)

Sir Coopernicus

Coca Cola (COKE) has announced the surprise launch of an NFT collection on Polygon (MATIC). This is not Coca Cola's first NFT collection, but they aim to build on their fan loyalty by airdropping the new collection to holders of their previous NFT drops, with an added twist for International Friendship Day.

Coke, the world's largest beverage company, announced today that they have airdropped new NFTs to holders of their past collections on the Polygon network. These NFTs were created by Tafi, a digital avatar company. The art itself is generative, modeled after the classic coke bottle shape with a huge variety of animation and color palettes.

A twist to reveal your Coke NFT

These NFTs don't reveal themselves. To honor international Friendship day, Coke has added a unique requirement to reveal the art of your NFT. Users need to share their NFT with a friend in order for it to reveal.

So far, these NFTs along with previous Coca Cola collections are not focused on utility.  However, Coke’s press release today states, “as the community grows, digit digital collectible owners will gain access to rewards and perks, including Coke Studio-powered experiences, gaming events and early access to Coca-Cola Creations limited-edition product launches.”

This press release also mentions expected activations for Halloween in October and International Singles day in November.  It’s unclear if activations will mean new NFTs or uses for existing NFTs.

Coke said this about The International Friendship Day collection:

“International Friendship Day—which launched our metaverse journey in 2021—is the perfect milestone opportunity to thank and celebrate the people who have joined us,” said Pratik Thakar, Head of Global Creative Strategy, Coca-Cola. “We hope to strengthen and expand our ‘Real Magic’ community by building connections through a variety of physical and virtual Coca-Cola experiences.”

Coke’s previous NFT collections included a “loot box” sale to benefit Special Olympics International, International Pride Day, and International Burger Day.  

This is another high profile brand win for Polygon, which has attracted huge names across industries to come build their consumer based products on the network, including Disney.

Source: Polygoin Studios