Ethereum NFT Game Parallel Highlights Composability of Assets

Sir Coopernicus

Parallel is an upcoming web3 game title built on Ethereum. The team is known for pushing forward industry thinking around both design and technical standards, as it relates to NFT-enabled gaming.

In a recent video, Parallel highlighted the composability of avatars, equipment and vehicles in the Parallel world. This could pave the way for additional games and ways to interact with the Parallel world. For example, avatars could be used as playable characters in a game, or equipment could be used to control vehicles in a racing game.

This idea of interopability of assets across games is one of the key selling points for NFT technology in gaming. We have yet to see this really be used as a superpower to grow new games using existing assets, but the potential is there.

If anyone is going to take advantage of this interopability opportunity, it seems that the high end early web3 movers like Parallel would be positioned well to do it.

We're hoping to see more information about Parallel's plans to make this vision a reality!

Source: Parallel