FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT: Art Blocks NFT Curated Drop Mints Out

Sir Coopernicus

The second drop of season 8 of Art Blocks NFT sold out today!

FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT is a curated collection drop by mayaontheinternet scrutinizing the over promotion of confidence, wellness, and self care on social media. This is one of our favorite drops ever as it feels like it beautifully critiques a very specific part of today's digital culture, cementing it in history on the blockchain.

Stats from Today's Mint, Pulled from Nansen as of 2:50pm EST:

  • All 700 unique NFTs minted out within one hour.
  • There are currently 383 unique addresses, 68% of these hold just one NFT from the collection.
  • The top holder has 12 NFTs from this collection.
  • Trading volume since mint out: 14 ETH over 1.5 hours.

What is Art Blocks?

For those who don't know, Art Blocks has been leading next gen art since the early days of NFTs. A focus on generative art through code in a variety of formats. Collectors of Art Blocks actively participate in each artist's vision by generating unique works of art using their algorithms.


This collection combines visuals and text from boss babe esque empowerment social media posts with pastel backgrounds that end up feeling more dystopia than any collection so far this year.

pink hearts in rings around each other

The text

Language is a key focus of this collection, it aims to highlight social media's persuasive self-care rhetoric. All words used in the project were manually and authentically sourced from existing graphics found on Instagram.

The input words are then mashed together at random to create something that mimics the cheerful intended tone but comes together to sound vaguely cliché to completely insane.

In total there are 250 phrase structures, 145 nouns, 194 adjectives, and 213 adverbs. "There are 80,202,368,730 (over 80 billion) possible phrases that may be generated," states the collection.

Visuals Variables Include:

Color palette, text size, text style, background style, and text layout along with decorations like stars, hearts, flowers, and sparkles.

There are seven unique backgrounds:

  • Basic Bitch (Solid)
  • Glowy Goddess (Mesh gradient) *Motion*
  • Layer Cake (Linear gradient)
  • Glowing Gal (Radial gradient)
  • Shiny Sweetheart (Heart shaped gradient)
  • Pick Me Pixels (Checkers)
  • Hypnotic Heartthrob (Heart rings) *Animated*

There are six additional layouts:

  • Wavy Baby *Motion*
  • Mood Swing *Motion*
  • Glossy Block *Motion* (usually)
  • Snack Tray
  • TMI Text
  • Main Character Energy