Flow Blockchain Sees Boost in NFT Trading Volume with 'NFL All Day'

Sir Coopernicus

In a surprising turn of events, Flow Blockchain has taken the number two spot in NFT trade volume today with NFL All Day leading the pack at an astonishing $900k! This is a big accomplishment for the chain, which has had a string of successes in the professional sports collectibles world. We'll break down the NFL All Day collection below.

Today, NFL All Day became open to the public and immediately took off in trade volume.

NFL All Day's first public pack drop happens today, 2pm Eastern, featuring the first Legendary Moments. Iconic players like Derrick Henry, Trevor Lawrence, and more will be available for purchase.

Details of today's drop

  • Price: $59 for 4 Moments
  • Available supply: 25,000
  • What to expect: from Tom Brady leading Tampa Bay Buccaneers on a game-winning drive to Derrick Henry taking it to the house with insane athleticism, this collection has all the highlights.

Tiers and Rarities

Every Moment has a Tier that determines rarity of the Moment.

  • Common: 20,100 out of 25000 packs contain 4 Common Moments
  • Rare: 4,713 out of 25000 packs contain 1 Rare Moment and 3 Common Moments
  • Legendary: 187 out of 25000 packs contain 1 Legendary Moment and 3 Common Moments

Dapper Labs, the creators of Flow, make onboarding and buying Moments extremely easy. Just sign up with a Google account, put in your payment of choice, and you're in.