Gala Games Leaks New Gameplay Info For MMO Mirandus

Sir Coopernicus

Gala Games' upcoming MMO, Mirandus, hosted a 2 hour AMA session and they spilled the beans on a lot of new information about the game. Here's what we learned:

Mirandus is a Fantasy MMO bringing true adventure back to players, creating a dangerous world where death has penalties.  No map, no quest to tell you what to do.  Explore this deep world on your own or with friends.

To play Mirandus, you must own or rent an exemplar, your avatar, set in classic fantasy races.

The Economy is completely player driven. If you see a town, it's because a player has placed it there.  A real sandbox experience, crafted by the players, and owned by the players using blockchain technology.

All magical acts use Materium, the powerful magical substance of Mirandus.  Die and want to avoid penalty?  Materium.  Craft something without the proper ingredients?  Materium.  Materium is found across the world in chests, monsters, and all around the world.

Details on Mirandus are still undefined, but the world itself looks amazing and what little we know of Mirandus is groundbreaking.  We can't wait to watch its journey to a full game world.

Source: Gala Games