GameSwift Web3 Gaming Platform Debuts on Polygon (MATIC) Supernets

Sir Coopernicus

The GameSwift Web3 Gaming Platform has debuted on Polygon (MATIC) Supernets, following the company's migration and rebrand from StarTerra. GameSwift provides launching services to games, from NFTs to game tokens, in order to help enable web2 games to move into web3.

The project has some big name Web3 backers like Hashed, KuCoin Labs, SkyVision Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, Maven Capital and more. Giving them both the funds and network needed to put their tech to good use.

GameSwift already has some key game partners like StarHeroes, apparently the first blockchain game to be awarded a grant from Microsoft according to Polygon's press release.

All titles in the GameSwift ecosystem are going to be accessible from a dedicated launcher that stores and updates games regularly. They plan to have both non-custodial, unified, and decentralized indentifiers known as GameSwift IDs to help onboard both web2 and web3 gamers to their partner games.

To help Web3 devs smoothly onboard a wide range of gamers, the platform will feature a non-custodial, unified, decentralized identifier known as GameSwift ID.

The GameSwift ID enables players to log into any game on their network and use NFTs or currencies in game, without concern for which chain they live on.  Which sounds ideal for the web2 player onboarding experience.