Illuvitars: New Information About Upcoming NFT Collection

Sir Coopernicus

Illuvium, a popular Web3 game, has released new information about their upcoming Illuvitars NFT collections.  While there is no date set for the initial sale, the new information may help you plan your purchase.  Here's what we know so far.

Illuvitars high level:

Illuvitars are "configurable collectibles" with many different possibilities acting as a users primary profile picture within the illuvium world. Collecting full sets will allow users to unlock access to private betas, exclusive merchandise, and special events.

It's not clear yet whether or not Illuvitars have direct in game benefits like special skills or increases in stats.

Genesis Set

The Genesis Set of Illuvitars includes 150+ distinct Illuvials that are only available for a short time.  You can explore Batch One of the Illuvitars here:

Illuvitar Accessories

Your base Illuvitar can equip accessories to personalize your profile picture permanently through "Bonding".  Each Illuvitar has five accessory slots - Headwear, Eyewear, Skin, Bodywear, and Props.

Two Purchasing Options for Illuvitars

You have two options when buying Illuvitars, D1SK and Mega D1SK.

The D1SK package will cost .015 $ETH and provide buyers with:

  • 1 Random Illuvitar
  • 3 Accessories
  • 1 Bonus Tier 0 Illuvitar

The Mega D1SK package will cost .075 $ETH and provide buyers with:

  • 1 Random Illuvitar
  • 3 Accessories
  • 1 Guaranteed Rare Item

There's a higher chance of obtaining rare Illuvitars and Accesories if you buy the Mega D1SK.

Collection Competition with Albums

The Album is a game made specifically for collectors. Complete hundreds of collections, linked by unique attributes, and fill your album to earn leaderboard points. The rarer the illuvitars and the more difficult the collection is to complete, the bigger the rewards will be.  But it's not entirely clear exactly what the rewards are yet.

Given the success of Illuvium's Land Sale, we fully expect these Illuvitars to be a big hit with the NFT gaming community.