Immutable (IMX) Adds Another NFT Project: Worldwide Webb

Sir Coopernicus

Immutable (IXM) has been picking up steam quickly and has just announced the addition of a new metaverse project to its Ethereum (ETH) scaling solution. Worldwide Webb, currently the 5th largest Metaverse by market cap, will launch on Immutable.

Worldwide Webb's players will have access to Immutable's gas free transactions and huge playerbase as Immutable has been setting itself up as the scaling solution for NFT gaming.

How High Will Immutable Go?

Immutable is currently the number 3 blockchain in the world for NFT trade volume over the last 7 days, just behind Solana.

With GameStop announcing that their wallet now supports Immutable, and the addition of more games to their platform, we could see Immutable become real competition for Solana and Ethereum in the coming months.

What is Worldwide Webb?

Worldwide Webb is a social pixel metaverse with a focus on interopability, allowing NFT collections to come to life as avatars in their world.

Worldwide Webb currently has the 5th most valuable land collection out of all Metaverse projects. Could the move to immutable increase its rank?

Source: Worldwide Webb