Immutable (IMX) Partners with Wagyu Games and Undead Blocks

Sir Coopernicus

Immutable X (IMX), a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure for gaming, has partnered with Wagyu Games and Undead Blocks, a zombie killing FPS game currently on ETH mainnet.

Undead Blocks is a multiplayer zombie survival game where kills earn you tokens, your guns are NFTs, and ownership is open to all players.  Undead Blocks already has over 25,000 downloads & 2.7K+ weapon loadout NFTs in their few months of live beta play.


Undead Blocks' recent tournament had a player count increase of over 60% and a whopping 3+ hours spent per player on average, showing some strong signs that players are enjoying the game.

Undead Blocks has a dual token system currently in place.

  1. UNDEAD is used to buy weapon NFTs, governance voting, and staking for NFT rewards over time.
  2. ZBUX is the off-chain reward currency within the Undead Blocks game, pegged at $.10.  You can use ZBUX to upgrade weapon NFTs, purchase in game perks, or just withdraw your rewards.

Immutable X continues to add partners at the fastest pace in NFT gaming, we're definitely taking note.