ImmutableX (IMX) Launches New NFT Trading Rewards Program

Sir Coopernicus

ImmutableX (IMX) announced an extension to its trading rewards program with improvements based on community feedback. Over the first trading rewards period, ImmutableX launched into the top 3 blockchains by NFT trade volume. Will their explosive growth continue?

IMX Trading Rewards Program Rundown

The program started simply. Every day a user trades over $10 on the Immutable X protocol, they earn $IMX tokens. Each day, users are rewarded from a set pool of $IMX tokens based on the proportion of their trading volume to the total trading volume on Immutable X.

The pool size for each day depends on the total transaction volume for that day:

  • Total transaction volume <$1.2m = 40,000 $IMX
  • Total transaction volume $1.2m - $2m = 60,000 $IMX
  • Total transaction volume $2m-$3m = 80,000 $IMX
  • Total transaction volume >$3m = 100,000 $IMX

New Reward Program Optimizations

ImmutableX tweeted that they had heard community feedback and aimed to optimize the program based on that feedback, especially around wash trading on the platform.

  1. Rewarding total transactions, not volume.
  2. Limit on eligible trades per wallet.
  3. Removed rewards on 0% royalty collections.

This news along with multiple games announcing their move to the network, making ImmutableX a much watch L2 moving forward.

Source: ImmutableX