Konvoy Ventures Announces New $150M Fund Focused on Blockchain Gaming

Sir Coopernicus

Konvoy Ventures has announced a new $150m venture fund to invest in early stage gaming platforms and technologies including at least 20-30 million dedicated for blockchain gaming.

Since 2018, Konvoy has invested in 35 gaming companies across 2 funds. Konvoy’s past investments include Axie Infinity, Genopets, and Ready Player One, all of which utilize NFTs for asset ownership in gaming.

Managing Partner Josh Chapman spoke with Bloomberg News, sharing part of the firm's investment thesis, “the business model innovation that blockchain brings to gaming is going to be, in our view, as big as the free to play business model innovation in the 2000s.”

Josh adds that Konvoy is looking for the next Discord or Roblox -- the startups that will take those successful web2 gaming business models and expand on them by integrating blockchain technology.

Source: Gaming VC Firm Konvoy Ventures Raises $150 Million Fund

Image Credit: Konvoy Ventures