Last Expedition Playtest Begins July 15th, Here's Everything We Know

Sir Coopernicus

Have you heard of Last Expedition? The upcoming Gala Games ecosystem title by Certain Affinity has it's first playtest on July 15th, and we've got everything you need to know to about it! In this post, we'll tell you what we know about the game, the unique aspects of this playtest, and how you can join in on the fun.

Last Expedition Overview

The game is a Survival First Person Shooter. Players face a hostile alien world where everything wants to kill them with NFT ownership creating new layers of strategy in game.  The trailers we’ve seen so far give an action packed experience with realistic looking and deadly alien creatures.  The trailers also hint at players owning or interacting with Mechs.

Guests of the -into the galaverse origin Las Vegas event in December 2021 were able to experience a playtest of Last Expedition, outside of that small group of players very few people have seen gameplay outside of a few trailers. This Friday will be the first time most people see full gameplay for Last Expedition.

Watch the Playtest Live Friday July 15 @ 3–4pm PT

Last Expedition isn't ready for mass testing yet, this round will be an invitational test. A handful of web3 content creators will be live streaming their experience on Friday. The entire experience, from start to finish, is being hosted through decentralized Gala Founder's Nodes from their Node Testing Group. Join the Discussion in Discord.

Source: Get Ready for Last Expedition

Image Credit: Gala Games / Certain Affinity