Ledger Partners with The Sandbox on Metaverse Education Experience

Sir Coopernicus

Ledger, the leading provider of hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies, is introducing "The Ledgerverse" in The Sandbox Alpha 3. Ledger has long supported The Sandbox in their hardware wallet.  Now Ledger is building their own Web3 education series within The Sandbox metaverse, launching with Alpha Season 3.

Ledger has been tweeting a series of NPCs (non-player characters) that players will meet in their Sandbox experience.  Today they unleashed "The Overseer", which appears to be made from deconstructed Ledger hardware wallets!

The Sandbox has ramped up partnerships with web2 and web3 brands alike ahead of the upcoming Alpha 3.  New partnerships for this season include Tony Hawk and Playboy.  Brands see The Sandbox as an opportunity to build an engaging experience to better build customer relationships in ways that don't feel like traditional, invasive advertising.

Details on what Ledger's experience will look like are limited, but they mention education throughout their Ledgerverse tweets.  We expect Ledgerverse to focus on educating new metaverse users about crypto safety, hopefully in a fun and approachable way.

Source: Ledger