Magic Eden Launches Ethereum (ETH) NFT Aggregator


Magic Eden, the well-known Solana NFT marketplace, has launched a new NFT aggregator that allows users to purchase select Ethereum NFTs. This feature, tactfully named Magic Ethen, is the marketplace’s first foray off the Solana blockchain and hints at a bright multi-chain future.

This move comes as an interesting choice for Magic Eden. Instead of launching a new NFT marketplace on Ethereum, the team decided to become an aggregator for the existing top marketplaces. This will likely mean a sacrifice in marketplace revenue in exchange for user experience, but it also hints that Magic Eden may always place an emphasis on Solana.

Regardless, Magic Eden’s choice to expand to Ethereum is the first of many cross-chain moves to be made according to the marketplace’s CEO Jack Lu in a recent episode of the Decrypt podcast.

For now only ten Ethereum collections are featured on Magic Eden, including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Pudgy Penguins, and Otherside. However, more collections are already set to become available later this week.

Users of the marketplace interested in purchasing Ethereum NFTs can pay by connecting an Ethereum-compatible wallet and paying with ETH or by paying with SOL or Credit Card with the help of Crossmint.