Nansen Now Tracks Avalanche (AVAX) NFT Marketplaces Joepegs and Campfire

Sir Coopernicus

Leading crypto data analytics provider Nansen now tracks Joepegs and Campfire, two of the newer NFT platforms on Avalanche (AVAX), in addition to Kalao and NFTrade.

In its announcement, Nansen provided a brief thread that breaks down key metrics around each marketplace, starting with user and transaction data, here are a few of the notable data points:

Joepegs is leading Avalanche NFT marketplaces by weekly users (1,097) and transactions (2,015) while Campfire is a close second on these metrics at 1,066 and 1,735 respectively.

Users and transactions are important, but the primary way marketplaces generate revenue is off of actual dollar or $AVAX volume traded.  NFTrade is the leader for volume on AVAX at 1,851 AVAX traded last week.

Overall, Nansen’s data shows 6,677 Avalanche NFT buyers, and 1,622 NFT sellers.  This of course doesn’t take into account owners of multiple wallets, so it’s likely that the unique user count is lower.

Source: Nansen