NFT Game Deviants' Faction to Migrate From Terra to ImmutableX (IMX)

Sir Coopernicus

Immutable X and Deviants' Factions announced their partnership today to migrate Deviants' Faction from Terra to Immutable's ETH layer 2 gaming chain. Here's what we know about Deviants' Factions and the factors that drove their decision to move to Immutable.

Deviants' factions is a trading card game based on real life events but with a fictional twist based on their world.

Key points to know about Deviants' Factions

  • The game is browser based
  • Every card is an NFT
  • The 4 factions represent unique playstyles
  • Earning is possible for every player regardless of dollar investment size

They're funded by some of the largest and most respected names in web3 gaming like Animoca Brands and Spartan, but their plans to launch on the Terra blockchain have been dashed by its collapse. So they looked for the most suitable chain to continue their journey and landed on Immutable X for a number of reasons that they explained in a blog post which we'll summarize here:

Terra's collapse left the game in a tough spot from both a treasury and blockchain tech perspective. They needed a new home, and sustainable funding.

3 key factors drove their decision to build on Immutable X:

  1. The idea of a blockchain specifically focusing on games resonated.
  2. gasless transactions open new possibilities in economy design.
  3. Immutable's momentum with both gamers and game studios (something Fief Guild has token note of as well).