NFT Gaming Startup Meta0 Founded by Former Head of Gaming at TikTok

Sir Coopernicus

The former head of gaming at Tiktok is now starting an NFT Gaming infrastructure company, Meta0, to help solve interopability issues across the Metaverse.

Fung has a long history of work In traditional gaming and esposts notably having led the design and development of EA Asia’s esports programs

Fung’s vision for Meta0 centers around connecting the thousands of blockchain games In development by making their worlds more connected.  Interoperability and the connected Metaverse are huge selling points of blockchain gaming, but they face majors challenge.

“Right now, if you look at any developer when they implement NFTs or blockchain in their games, they have to choose a single blockchain, be it Polygon or Solana or Binance Smart Chain. But imagine a more interoperable option," he told Reuters in Hong Kong, referring to popular existing blockchains.

Meta0 outlines 6 key challenges they aim to address, we’ll attempt to summarize here:

  1. Cross-game and inter-metaverse communication is unachievable.
  2. Redundant primary data sources complicating NFT game interopability
  3. Barrier to entry for game devs is high and current easy start options are inadequate.
  4. Existing NFT protocols rely on trusted centralized backend services to store metadata, which increase the potential damage in the event of an attack.
  5. Inter-chain NFTs require a collectively verifiable signature to be secured.
  6. User’s NFT tracking ability is limited by the split market across chains and protocols.

Read Meta0’s plan to tackle these challenges here.

Source: Ex-TikTok gaming head to launch blockchain games startup as big players keep away

Image Credit: Reuters