Get To Know the Otherside: An Overview of the Litepaper

The Otherside has seen a number of major updates in previous weeks. While this up-and-coming metaverse project is still in its early stages, recent live tests of the game engine and servers has shown its immense potential. In this writeup, we will provide an overview of the current Otherside Litepaper, which is a work in progress but gives us some important insight into how the team is shaping the world.

In this article we'll cover:

  • The Purpose of the Litepaper
  • Otherside Phase 1
  • Content Moderation Approach
  • The Voyager's Journey
  • First Trip
  • Improbable's Key Tech
  • Community Building Standards
  • The Agora

First, Otherside sets expectations on the status of the Litepaper -- it's incomplete but setting the stage for more to come:

"Consider this litepaper a stepping stone. It will eventually be replaced by a Codex that will continually evolve with Voyager input to share the most up-to-date information, announcements, and decisions that shape Otherside."

What is Otherside?

Otherside is a world-building platform with unique environments to play, create, compete, connect, and explore with friends and strangers alike.

Initially, users will play through a narrative gameplay experience, AKA The Voyager's Journey.  After this narrative gameplay, the goal is to have the user-generated content for players.

We're In Otherside Phase 1 out of 3, What Does This Mean?

Phase 1 of Otherside is the beginning of development, we're early.

In Phase 1, Voyagers are welcomed to take part in Voyagers Journey, the 11 part story unveiling the mysteries of Obelisk, which has appeared in the Otherside world with limited information.

There is opportunity for discovery in Phase 1 with game functionality such as harvesting and crafting that may be tradable on the open market.

Details on Phase 2 and 3 are not yet revealed.

The Litepaper Lays Out Their Guiding Principles for Building Otherside

  1. Otherside's top focus is community empowerment.

They believe in the power of their passionate community to help build an extraordinary world.  To empower their community, the team behind Otherside is committing to transparency in the building process.  Voyagers will directly participate in important events and shape the future of the platform through playtests, content, and mechanic testing.

They call this Open Development, and they're leaning on these Voyagers to provide valuable feedback and comments to develop Otherside.

  1. Genuine Ownership and Interopability.

"An Otherdeed NFT represents more than a simple picture of land, it’s an access token to participate in playtesting and co-creation of Otherside."

An Otherdeed NFT also shows a real plot of land available in Otherside.  The metadata of the NFT represents a unique composition of elements, resources and more on that Plot.  NFT owners have real ownership over that Plot with opportunities to harvest, craft, and find loot.

Otherside will support interopability in the future, giving owners the ability to utilize their NFTs in other worlds to come.

  1. Real incentives

The team behind Otherside is working to build a robust incentive structure to encourage the community to help build the best possible version of Otherside.  The litepaper highlights the need for easy community networking and education, enabling Voyagers to connect all the puzzle pieces to build what they envision.

Content Moderation

Content moderation approaches vary widely across the metaverse, and in the new Web3 world it's an important focus area.  The Otherside Litepaper commits to creating governance systems to tackle this from the bottom-up, to truly represent the community's needs.

The litepaper does not include specifics on this moderation front, but we expect to see more as the world opens up to a greater number of users.

The Voyager's Journey

Perhaps the most interesting part of the Litepaper revolves around the very beginnings of the Voyager's Journey.

This graphic below shows just how young this world is, we're starting to explore the very tip of this mysterious Obelisk.

Otherdeed NFT holders have been invited to participate in Voyager's Journey, the narrative gameplay experience that introduced and educates Voyagers on the fundamentals of participation in Otherside.

Each major stage of the Voyager's Journey is marked on the Obelisk but details are limited beyond this very first stage.

Voyagers that complete each Stage of the Obelisk experiences will be eligible to receive incentives (details unclear).  Fief Guild will be watching this section of the Litepaper closely as updates come to the next part of the story.

First Trip

“First Trip” is the first of several “Trips” that Voyager’s will be able to participate in, with each subsequent Trip taking place on a different date in order to accommodate as many Voyagers as possible. Specific details on date and time will always be announced on our official social media accounts.

In order for an Otherdeed owner to qualify as completing the First Trip stage, they just need to participate in any of the Trips or watch the Livestreams. More details will be provided on how to verify your participation soon.

We have the names of future Stages but very little detail around them.  There will certainly be some interesting theories coming from the community:

  • The Codex
  • Koda Origins and The Decoupling
  • The Growth
  • The Agora
  • The Dream
  • The Choice
  • The Settling
  • The Toolkit
  • The Aeronauts
  • The Rift

The Otherside Litepaper Details Building Standards for Contributors

There is a lot of detail in this portion that the everyday user likely doesn't need, so we'll keep it high level. The goal is for Otherside to be made with Creation Tools that enables easy asset integration into Otherside and other metaverse worlds.

3 interesting builder notes:

  1. Users will be able to create templates that are usable by others.
  2. All objects users create will require resources, found or harvested on Plots or bought on the market.
  3. Some objects can be Embued with special properties.  

Improbable's Technology Is Core To the World

Improbable is the company building the systems behind Otherside.  Their tech is critical to the operation of Otherside.  The Litepaper outlines three key functions that this tech enables:

  • Crowd Networking & Rendering - Letting thousands of people exist in a crowd together.
  • Crowd & Spatial Audio - Enabling thousands of people speak to each other in real time.
  • Access from Any Device

The Agora: A trading platform for official Otherside assets

"The Agora is Otherside’s planned marketplace for buying, sorting, finding, trading, and selling the huge variety of things that can be created, farmed, harvested, and more."

The goal is for the Agora to be the absolute best place to partake in Otherside's economy.

All of this is just the beginning for Otherside and it's already groundbreaking in multiple ways.

Source and Image Credit: Otherside/Yuga Labs