Sudoswap Aims to Improve On-Chain NFT Liquidity with New Marketplace Protocol

Sir Coopernicus

Sudoswap announced the public launch of SudoAMM, a new NFT marketplace protocol that changes the dynamics of NFT trading and liquidity by integrating automated market making principles from decentralized exchanges.

Most existing NFT marketplaces rely on centralized orderbooks that are at risk of downtime and standard centralization threats.  sudoAMM looks to change that by being fully on-chain.

Users can now:

1. Create pools that gradually buy or sell NFTs along price curves.

2. Provide liquidity to pools that buy and sell NFTs to earn fees.

3. Directly list their NFTs at fixed prices. LPs also have full control over their pool's pricing, and can adjust at any time.

One of sudoAMM’s key aims is to reduce gas costs for traders.  The biggest improvement on SudoAMM comes from trading multiple NFTs, where sudoAMM can be up to 40% cheaper than competing protocols.

Source: Sudoswap Announcement