Tiffany & CO NFT Collection “NFTiff” Sees $3.6M in Early Access Purchase Volume

Sir Coopernicus

Tiffany & CO launched early access to NFTiff for 100 CryptoPunks holders 2 days ahead of the public sale on August 5th.

The NFTiff collection is unique, for 30 ETH the buyer gets a real life, artisan hand-crafted, CryptoPunks Pendant in addition to an NFT version of the pendant.

The total supply of this collection is 250 and 79 have been claimed so far in early access.  So it seems that the critics on Twitter saying 30 ETH was out of touch, that Tiffany & CO would struggle to sell out, seem to be wrong based on initial sales.

Learn more about NFTiff and CryptoPunks sales since the announcement here.

Sources: OpenSea and Nansen