Tiffany & Co. Unveils "NFTiff" NFTs That Cost 30 Ether (ETH)

Sir Coopernicus

Tiffany & CO is moving into the NFT market with its first mint in collaboartion with blockchain company Chain this August.

Tiffany & CO released a short Tweet today announcing the collection but with very little information. “The future is here and it’s called NFTiff," states the luxury brand, which plans to release an NFT set with a supply of 250 and mint price of 30 ETH on August 5th.

The landing page shows a pixel grid being filled on over time with the word “NFTiff” being left in black at the end of the animation. We can only speculate as to what the NFTs will actually be at this stage, but Twitter is going wild over the potential for Tiffany to cater to their high end customers with collectible NFTs.

Notably, Tiffany & Co. made the decision to partner with Chain to release the mint. According the Chain's website, the company offers white glove service on NFT mints. Chain is supported by its governance token XCN.

Image Credit: Tiffany and Co.