Ultima Creator Richard Garriott Announces New NFT MMO: Iron And Magic

Sir Coopernicus

Richard Garriott, the creator of Ultima, has announced his upcoming new project: Iron and Magic. This MMO Sandbox game will be built on the blockchain and use NFTs to represent in-game assets.

In a video released on the game's website, Garriott explains that players will be able to buy and sell these assets on a marketplace. The game is set to release in early access later this year.

Garrious previously announced his intentions to build an NFT MMO this past April and this month released an initial website for Iron and Magic. The site doesn't provide much detail around the game systems but shares videos for the land and creatures in the game.

It looks enticing, and as the founder of one of the most epic games of all time, Ultima, we have to expect that Richard has something great up his sleeves.

It may play a new role in the web3 gaming meta as a Sandbox MMO.  We have The Sandbox, but it's lacking the PVP aspect of older Sandbox MMORPGs and is instead focused on friendly collaboration.  

What could a PVP based Sandbox MMO achieve with NFT capabilities?  We're excited to find out.