Unpacking the Pulsar Mint Guide


The MMO RTS blockchain game Pulsar has officially released its mint guide. This is in anticipation of several genesis NFT mints that will happen before the game’s initial release on October 15.

In this article, we will unpack the mint guide to give you the most important details about the mints.

Minting schedule

Mint Passes

Instead of offering whitelists for mints, Pulsar has decided to issue mint passes. Mint passes act as a voucher for genesis mints and can be redeemed for any combination of genesis NFTs. They also give early access to mints and discounts for genesis and future mints.

To guarantee access to genesis NFTs, it will be important to pick up a mint pass. The mint pass sale will happen on September 10th at 2PM UTC.

The different tiers of mint passes and the benefits are listed below.

Genesis Land NFTs

Land will be the first genesis mint and will happen on September 17th at 2PM UTC. Each land NFT is one of four different biomes (Barren Sands, Glacier Wastelands, Obsidian Badlands, and Crimson Hollow) and has an attribute for size, security rating, and resource rarity.

Land size dictates how much $PLSR is contained in the land and how many motherships and units can operate on the land. The amount of $PLSR that can be found in each land is dependent on the land’s size and rarity and is shown in the table below.

The security rating of land determines the amount of PVE enemies that will spawn on the land and the amount of resources in the land.

Resource rarity determines the type of resource and how rare that resource is in each land. Each land contains a primary, common rarity resource determined by its biome. Its secondary resource can be anything and is determined by the land’s resource rarity level.

During the genesis land sale there will be a cap for each size of land sold. In total there will only be a total of 400 land up for grabs. This further highlights the importance of securing a mint pass.

The following table shows the price of land depending on its different rarity levels.

Genesis $PLSR Mining Units

Genesis $PLSR Mining Units will be sold after the genesis land sale. They will be sold on September 24th at 2PM UTC. $PLSR Mining Units are required to generate $PLSR from land.

Genesis miners provide a 5% extraction speed boost, genesis refineries provide a 5% production rate boost, and genesis motherships provide a 5% unit allocation boost.

Genesis Unit Packs

Genesis unit packs contain a set of units plus a non-$PLSR generating piece of land. The units include resource miners, resource refineries, and spider tanks. The biomes for land distributed in genesis unit packs will be selectable by the purchaser. Resource refineries will reflect this biome’s resource.


Overall, the amount of genesis NFTs available to mint are low. In order to guarantee a mint you will need to purchase a mint pass from one of the five tier levels. Higher mint pass tiers will give earlier access to mints, which means that these users will be able to choose which NFts they want to mint.

If you have further questions about the upcoming mints you can reach out to the Pulsar team in their Discord channel.