What to Expect From Otherside’s Upcoming “First Trip” Metaverse Test

Sir Coopernicus

Otherside's "First Trip" technology test demo starts this Saturday following the completion of two successful load tests this past week. The upcoming test has a few big differences that we'll outline below.

Past tests of Otherside focused on stress testing. Putting hundreds of users in the same room and ensuring that the system continues to work as expected. These tests were in a white room with little decoration.

The upcoming test brings a whole new experience to the Otherside metaverse with “First Trip”.

“First Trip” is not hosted in a giant white room with little decoration, it's "An immersive play area created just for this demo, for users to explore."  In fact, we’ve seen this world before!  This will be the first time it’s opened to the public.

Users will play as 3D hi-res prototypes instead of generic fortnight style models seen in previous tests.

And finally, there will be a token-gated live stream available worldwide.

This is a huge event for Otherside. Every public test so far has been in generic settings without much Ape influence. This experience will be completely unique as users will start to get a feel for Otherside’s full Metaverse that is coming along quickly.

Source and Image Credit: Otherside/Yuga Labs