Yuga Labs' Otherside Teaser Video Has Users Searching for Clues

Sir Coopernicus

What's next for Otherside?

That's the question on players' minds with the release of their enigmatic teaser video last night.  There has been little information released about what's next for the Otherside Metaverse since their drop of the litepaper this summer.  The latest teaser provides no easy clues but users are still searching and hoping to make connections and decipher any hints.

The video itself is a beautiful work of animation, showing a Koda gathering mystical energy in a bottle and then fleeing from the ensuing chaos caused by its disruption.  Users have commented that there is no simple clue shown in this video, but others are still hopeful of uncovering something.

We're eagerly awaiting what the internet sleuths find and looking forward to the next time we get to enter the Otherside!